Camden’s Mega Capacity Commercial Bicycle Trailer

We love odd requests at Porterlight. Being a London based cargo bike manufacturer, it means we can adapt our production to build the most bespoke of bicycles, and when the need calls for it… some pretty impressive other bits too!

Porterlight Bicycles - High capacity commercial bicycle trailer

We were approached by Camden’s cycle training scheme to produce a new high-capacity commercial bicycle trailer to move their stock of children’s (and adult!) training bicycles to their free bicycle riding safety classes they run around the borough. They already had a simpler model running around the streets, but this time they wanted something that could carry more, that was easier to load up, and much much safer through the addition of double disc brakes on the trailer.

Very big bicycle trailer for commercial deliveries by Porterlight Bicycles

After a bit of head scratching to work out how to operate both the e-bicycle’s rear disc brake, and the double brakes on the trailer all off one brake lever on the handlebars, we got it figured out. We built a system that not only keeps the normal brake on the towing bike they use, but also can be quickly connected or dismounted from the trailer, and operate both of brakes on the trailer when they need it.
Porterlight Bicycles London Cargo Bike Trailer - Bicycle Delivery trailer
Carrying 30-40 bicycles, this bicycle trailer is a real bicycle hauling bicycle hauler. With a bed measuring 320cm by 80cm, it can still make it around the tight corners and narrow streets of the city, but can get you, the kitchen sink, the kitchen sink’s sink, and any additional sinks you have, there too.

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