Hi I'm Lawrence

The Porterlight story began in 2008 when I first sketched out my design for a compact cargo bike


In the years since then we've been honing, refining, and finalising the design for Bringley - the cargo bicycle that fits into modern city living


Bringley was born from my own desire for a bike that was capable enough to serve as a car replacement; able to bring home the weekly food shop, and haul back farmers' market finds, but also small enough to fit in my apartment hallway


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The Very Early Days

In 2014 I built my first prototype cargo bike in the corner of my living room, but I knew that it would take more than my London commute to test it was up to the job. So with the paint still fresh on the frame I set off on the test ride to end all test rides


With the bicycle in the hold, I flew to Bucharest, Romania, and for the next three months I cycled 5,000km alone and unsupported east through Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and then back into Kazakhstan finishing my journey on China's western border

Watch Our Short Film 'Living The Dream' About How Lawrence Built His First Bike

Scaling Up

After flying back from Eastern Kazakhstan it took another year of iteration and improvement before we fully developed the production Porterlight bicycle


Stronger, more compact, and easier to ride, the Bringley bike is a very modern cargo bike


Establishing a production workshop in Seven Sisters, North London, has meant that Porterlight has remained closely ingrained the modern city


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Visions of The Future

After a couple of years of rapid growth, in 2016 we welcomed Employment Minister Damien Hinds to open our new expanded production workshop


Still based in North London, Porterlight Bicycles now produces everything from one-off custom cargo bikes, to whole international corporate fleets


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Somewhere in Kazakhstan 2014

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