Custom Commercial cargo bikes, Perfect to get your brand moving

We Deliver The Goods

Our custom cargo bicycles are suitable for every purpose from city deliveries, to mobile market stalls,  food carts,  advertising bikes, tradesmen, and more.


We specialise in producing bikes designed specifically for purpose, so whatever you've got planned, from a one-off custom to an entire fleet, you get a bike design that's both unique and  perfectly suited to your needs


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On The Road

Cargo bikes offer commercial users a massive range of advantages

  • They're ultra eye-catching branded transport that won't break the bank
  • There's no fuel, road tax, congestion charge, insurance, or parking fines to worry about
  • Carry out real door-to-door service, and get there using the city's bike and bus lanes

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Marketing Cargo Bikes Done Right

We Dwell on the Details

Because we custom build all of our bikes from scratch here in our North London workshop, it means we can deep-dive into building wonderful discovery branding and functional details into your bike


Don't settle for something off the peg, when we can take you to tailor-made town


Say Hello, and tell us what you need your bike to do

Build to Scale

We build everything from one-off custom show bikes, to whole gloabl delivery fleets. So whether you're looking to move samples at an event, or motunains on the roads, our bikes can do it all


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Carefully Curated

We've selected the components on our bikes to be the best match for life in our modern cities. From the weather-proof 8 speed internal Shimano Alfine gears, to the powerful Avid BB5 disc brakes front and rear


Our cargo bikes are designed to be low-maintenance and resilient, so you can rely on a Porterlight Bringley day in, day out


View our full component list here

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