The UK Cargo Bike

Everything's easier on a cargo bike

Whether you're bringing home the weekly groceries, or taking the kids to school, urban journeys can be simpler, faster, and more fun on a cargo bike


Having a super capable bike makes more journeys by bicycle possible, so suddenly trips that would have normally left you stuck in traffic behind the wheel, can become a breeze through the park


Design your custom Bringley now

Made To Fit Your Life

We've designed our standard Bringley cargo bike to have a massive 60cm long flat cargo space, whilst only being 40cm longer than your normal bike end-to-end. This means Bringley can fit in  domestic lifts, your home, and regular bike racks with ease


The 20" wheels, and low cargo deck make Bringley stable and easy to ride, so it's just like... riding a bike


Start building your own Bringley

Perfectly Custom

We build each bike to-order right here in our North London workshop. That means you get a bicycle built exactly to suit your needs, and perfectly match your style


 So whether you need a extra-long cargo deck to move your mastiff, or just want to colour coordinate with your winter coat, Porterlight can build the perfect bike for you


Get styling your new steed online or for more specific ideas, send us a message

Commercial Collaborations

The custom nature of our bikes makes them perfect for companies looking to get their brand on the move in an eye-catching, environmentally friendly, and accessible way.


From delivery cargo bike fleets, to marketing cargo bikes, via advertising bicycles and pop-up market stall bikes, we do it all.


Learn more about our commercial cargo bikes

We build our frames with 4130 Chromoly Steel, that's the same stuff as used in racing bikes, airplanes, and spaceships


Steel's great for cargo bikes because its super-strength means we can use thinner tubes  and make our bikes super-light and fast


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Precious Metals

Carefully Curated

We've selected the components on our bikes to be the best match for life in our modern cities. From the weather-proof 8 speed internal Shimano Alfine gears, to the powerful Avid BB5 disc brakes front and rear


Our cargo bikes are designed to be low-maintenance and resilient, so you can rely on a Porterlight Bringley day in, day out


View our full component list here

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