"Compact cargo bicycles
Designed for modern city living
Handmade in London"

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Uk Cargo bikes, made to order in London

Porterlight Bicycles produces custom cargo bikes in London. These are bikes which make more journeys by bicycle possible, by being able to safely and easily carry important, heavy, or bulky loads.


- A compact design means Bringley is easy to store indoors, and even fits in a normal lift.

- Each bike is custom made, making them perfect for parents, and companies.

- UK cargo bikes are built to suit Britain's transport network, making them at home on our bike lanes, paths, and roads.

Porterlight Bicycles - Bringley the compact cargo bike - A cargo bicycle handmade in London UK


You get to design your bike yourself using our cargo bike configurator, and you can also change its deck whenever you need, so it's always relevant to you, and the things you're doing

Whether you need a pair of safe child seats, a weather-tight case, or just a flat cargo space, these are cargo bikes to help you move mountains

Porterlight Bicycles  - Bringley the Cargo Bike bringing home the shopping and groceries - Made in London UK


For Everyone

For Parents

For Businesses

Bringley the cargo bike rides just like a normal bicycle, and because of its compact length, and light weight, it fits seamlessly into your life, home, or business.


It's designed, and built by hand, right here in London, making Bringley a very local option for utility cycling in the UK.


Learn more about London's own cargo bike, Bringley

Bringley the UK cargo bike - with two BoBike cahild seats

Bringley the cargo bike can come equipped with two ultra-safe BoBike child seats on the deck. With three point harnesses, a sturdy marine-ply footwell, and a good vantage point for you to intervene in any squabbles, Bringley is the modern car-alternative on a UK school run.


Design your own child-friendly Bringley cargo bicycle now.

Porterlight can produce custom cargo bikes for companies looking to use a cargo bicycle as a delivery bike, marketing bike, promotional bike.

Cargo bikes help businesses carry out fast, low cost, eco-friendly, and highly eye catching local deliveries with ease.

Porterlight builds custom branded cargo bikes, ideal for deliveries, promotional events, market stalls, or even to park outside your shop. From one-off customs to whole fleets of cargo bikes.

Get in touch to request a free, no obligation, design mock up for your company

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